Rules & Regulations

1. Students must attend the school regularly and punctually at the scheduled timings. Parents are, therefore, requested to ensure that their ward should reach the school five minutes before the bell rings.
2. The students should always move in proper lines while going to attend the morning assembly, changing rooms after different periods, and while going and coming back from the playground after games and P.T. Period.
3. On all working days and on various school functions, all students must come neat and tidy in proper school uniform, otherwise they will be sent back home and are liable to disciplinary action.
4. No student will be permitted to go out of the school during school hours without the permission of the school principal. Once the child comes to the school, no request will be entertained to take him/her during school hours.
5. No student is allowed to go out from the class without OUT-GOING-PASS.
6. The student must submit his/her home work/assignments in time otherwise it would not be checked by the teachers. Concerned and careless students will be punished.
7. The students suffering from contagious/infectious disease like Chicken pox, Measles, Mumps etc. will not be permitted to attend the classes till they are completely cured.
8. The school undertakes no responsibility for the loss of books, money, valuables etc. occurred by the students. They must exercise proper vigilance themselves and are advised not to bring any valuable article to the school.
9. Those who have bicycle should keep it at fixed place and must lock it properly. Motorbike will not be permitted to bring in any circumstance.
10. Friends and acquaintances will not be permitted to meet any student during school hours.
11. Every student must bring his/her school diary and identity card daily.
12. Without any previous permission, if any student remains absent for three days, his/her name will be struck off.
13. 90% attendance is compulsory for each student to appear in any examination.
14. School fee should be deposited during every working day except Saturday. Fine will be charged after last working day of the month.
15. It is the duty of the student to see that the school premises must be kept neat & clean.
16. A student may be sent back home during school hours for violating the school rules. The school authorities reserve the right of suspending/dismissing any student whose conduct is not satisfactory.