Expectations from the Parents

1. It is not sufficient only to admit your ward in the school but it is also your responsibility to arrange his/her regular and peaceful study.
2. Please try to wake your ward early in the morning.
3. Daily routine of your ward should be decided properly.
4. Your ward should wish/touch the feet of elders in the morning.
5. Your ward must be sent to school in proper school uniform.
6. Your ward must be present in the school at right time, not too late and not too early.
7. The atmosphere of the house should be educational and full of Indian culture. The house should be decorated with the pictures of Great Persons of our country.
8. Observe the diary daily and make sure the completion of the home work.
9. You must come to school whenever you are informed about the report of your ward.
10. You must deposit the fee of your ward in time.
11. Your ward should watch only educational programmes and news.
12. Do not engage your ward in private coachings, self study should be valued more instead of tuition.
13. Encourage your ward to take part in co-curricular activities (Physical, Mental, Cultural, social and Intellectual) of the school.
14. It is your duty to look after the company of your ward in which he/she plays or spends his/her time.